In a post COVID-19 world, organizations will need to balance the safety of their employees with the need for meaningful collaboration and focused work.  If this pandemic and subsequent “stay-at-home” order has taught us anything, people crave being around other people.

Physical workplaces will continue to exist.  They probably won’t look the exactly the same, but most organizations won’t be completely abandoning their offices.

Leaders and business owners should be carefully considering the following as they evaluate their spaces in the near future:

GOP can help.

We understand the urgency that many are feeling as they begin their reintroduction plans.  Whether you’re looking for a quick, retrofitted solution or a longer term, reinvented space, we can assist. Our experienced team is trained in workplace design and change management.  We are also fortunate enough to partner with Steelcase, the industry leader when it comes to workplace research, who is proactively developing insights and solutions to hep organizations adapt and excel in this “new world”.

Please don’t hesitate to call, email, or fill out an inquiry form using the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page if you have an upcoming need or just want to explore some possibilities.  We can assist with workplace consultation, space planning, high quality visuals, budgeting, financing, delivery, installation and existing product reconfigurations.