Place matters because people matter. The places where we come together need to provide choice and control over where and how we work. They need to respect and reflect who we are as individuals, teams and organizations.

How We Approach Workplace Design

Today’s workspaces need an ecosystem of spaces designed to adapt and evolve over time, optimizing real estate while fostering higher levels of employee engagement. When we design spaces with the needs of people in mind and with a holistic perspective of technology and space, we can help people achieve more while having a much better experience at work.


Ecosystem of Spaces

An effective and evolving ecosystem of spaces is accomplished through the intentional combination of five spatial zones, designed to accommodate and anticipate changing organizational and employee needs.

The size, ratio and adjacency of each zone should be tailored to match both your business objectives and cultural expectations. The result is a flexible workplace design that can adapt and evolve over time.

animated gif that displays the five spatial zones in a workplace: Social, Meeting, Resource, Resident and Nomadic

Featured Work Spaces

Creative Spaces by Steelcase
Creative Spaces

Microsoft and Steelcase are introducing all-new immersive Creative Spaces, that bring together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

The Office Renaissance
Inspiring Spaces

People are rejecting the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office. Instead, they want informal, authentic and inspiring spaces where they feel an emotional connection. They want the freedom to choose where and how they work.

work cafe thumb

Today employees are working longer and harder and they need a work environment where they can meet, work, network, socialize and re-energize. More and more employees are choosing to work away from the office.

lounge space thumb
Lounge Spaces

Our furnishings are comfortable, elegantly purposeful, and beautifully crafted to cross over — between offices and homes, meeting rooms and social spaces, and wherever else creative people want to feel inspired about their work day.

Innovation Center
Innovation Center

An Innovation Center is a cross-functional plan that creates a safe haven for new ideas. With opportunities for individual and group collaboration across time zones and continents, it’s a place that fosters a culture of innovation through the creation, sharing, and testing of idea.

Smart + Connected Workplace

Steelcase and Microsoft are optimizing the workplace, equipping organizations with tools and data needed to use real estate effectively and allowing employees to have more productive days at work.