At GOP, our asset management services make it simple to control your furniture, whether you’re looking for storage, buyback or disposal.

If you have existing furniture you want out of your facility or new furniture that can’t yet be received due to project delays, GOP can help. Your product will be consolidated as much as possible and placed in racks in an exclusive space in our clean, secure and heated warehouse. All contents have proper identification to ensure that they can be easily located once it comes time for redelivery. Our short- and long-term storage solutions are available with pricing “per square foot.”

Inventory Management
In addition to warehousing, you can also turn to GOP for inventory control and furniture asset management. We can do this through either a one-time physical count or we can provide an ongoing furniture inventory. Each of the following services is available on an hourly or quoted basis.

  •  Physical Inventory Services – These services entail a one-time count of the
    facility or furniture inventory to determine valuation and parts availability at a
    specific time.
  • Ongoing Inventory System – This system uses Bar Coding and UPC technology
    to maintain up-to-date information on furniture assets.

Furniture Buyback and Disposal
If you’re interested in a buyback or finding avenues for disposing of existing furniture, we can help.