Your furniture is a valuable investment. And when things start to get worn and damaged, replacement isn’t always necessary. At least, not when you take advantage of furniture repair, maintenance and reconditioning at GOP.

All of the following services are available on an hourly basis, a per piece basis or a quoted project price when a larger scope is involved.

Reupholstery Services
If the bones of your product are in good condition and you’re in search of a face- lift, reupholstery services might be the right fit for you. Should you choose to have your furniture reupholstered, we’ll remove your products for you and execute your services in the GOP upholstery shop. Our upholstery technicians have more than 75 years of experience and will check for necessary repairs to the interior frame and cushions.

We will provide a quote for your services after you’ve selected a fabric and we’ve assessed your repair needs.

Metal Furniture Services
Metal furniture repair, adjustment or maintenance often includes basic mechanical repair and parts replacement. Additionally, we can re-key workstations, oil, clean, adjust, replace fabric panels and complete other minor touch-ups.

Wood Furniture Services
Our professional wood-workers can touch-up and refinish your products to repair and clean your furniture. Should complete refinishing be required, we’ll remove furniture from your facility, professionally strip, sand, re-stain and seal it.

Because we exactly match finishes currently in place, your furniture will be good as new. In the meantime, you can take advantage of rental furniture to ensure your business keeps running as it should.