Technology has changed the world of work forever. Networking is a must. Connections and collaboration drive success, and your work environment need to support them. This pushes everyone, and everything, to work harder.

Our Beliefs
At General Office Products, we understand these changes. That’s why when it comes to your business, we use our insight to customize services specifically for you. This means that you’ll receive planning and design services that reflect your brand and its culture, all while supporting the well-being of your team.

Our Process
Your current and future needs are always taken care of at GOP. That’s because we don’t just jump into your project. Instead, we begin by collecting data regarding your requirements and interviewing users. By doing so, we’re better able to develop workstation typicals and furniture standards. Have existing furniture and equipment you want to incorporate? We can create an inventory to include any existing materials in the overall plan.

Our process is clear and our visualization tools make it simple for you to make decisions you can feel confident about. This means there are no surprises about your purchases and if changes arise, we can co-create and design as necessary. Through our photo-realistic 3D renderings and the most current versions of AutoCad, CAP and CET, we can take any necessary steps to keep you in charge of your project regardless of any changes.

Our Pricing
All of our planning and schematic design services are performed in-house on an hourly basis. We’ll send you a monthly invoice of all hours accrued.

We offer a “not to exceed” contract option that is developed with the scope of your project in mind to keep costs under control at all times.