You shouldn’t have to worry about or arrange delivery and installation on your own.  That’s why with General Office Products, you won’t have to worry about anything.  Our installation crews are our own employees, meaning they respect your investment and care about your success as much as you do.

Delivery Services
We do everything from receiving your products to redelivering them to any designated facility. During the process, we physically unload the furniture, check for damage, assemble or remove furniture from the crates and stage for redelivery. Better yet, we also resolve freight claims and automatically order replacement parts
for damaged goods we uncover during the process. This means that we don’t just transport products to your facility, unload them and place them, but handle the intricate processes throughout the steps as well.

We can also coordinate delivery of larger shipments directly at your facility. Upon arrival, GOP crews will unload, receive and transport equipment directly to its final location.

Installation Services
We offer installation services for both new and existing furniture. Through our installation services, we can receive your products on a direct or indirect shipment basis from the manufacturer, stage the furniture and complete installation. Specifically, this means that our team will:

  • Coordinate with your staff and the appropriate contractors installing telephone lines, computer lines and electrical power.
  • Remove all crating and wrapping materials.
  • Adjust doors, drawers, hardware and other moving parts.
  • Walk through the finished installation to create a punch list with a representative from your team.
  • Correct all punch list items.

We offer our furniture installation on either an hourly or project quote basis. All of our work can be completed by either non-union or union personnel.