You need to keep cash in your business. This is why when it comes to your capital equipment purchase, General Office Products won’t force you to tie up your money or utilize bank loans that can force you to compensate balances and/or loan covenants.

Instead, you can pay in low monthly installments. The cash that you retain as a result can then be used to invest in higher return opportunities, keep credit lines open and circumvent capital budget restraints too.

Our Solutions
At GOP, we believe in empowering you to choose a financial solution that matches your business strategies. That’s why we offer a broad portfolio of financing options and competitive rates. It’s never been simpler to address your needs and requirements, regardless of whether it’s about cash flow, budget, cyclical fluctuations or other demands.

Want your monthly payments to remain the same? We can do this as well. That’s because some options deduct 100% of the lease payment as a business expense. Through fixed rate financing, we’re able to keep your interest rate the same. Paying off your purchase has never been simpler.