Creating inspiring environments for educators & students.

The furniture decisions you make today will impact learners and educators in your school for multiple generations to come.

Your needs differ from the school down the road, and that’s why we approach each project with an open mind and tailored solution. Education is not one-size-fits-all, and the furniture shouldn’t be either.

We PARTNER with districts, architecture & design firms, consulting groups, and general contractors who share a passion for the impacts of space on learning environments.

We LISTEN to our clients’ unique experiences and goals, knowing that candid conversations are the foundation of a successful project.

We EMPOWER our education clients to integrate purposeful 21st-century principles into their furniture solutions that directly support teaching and learning methods.

We GUIDE our clients through the long and complex process of furniture procurement, including listening sessions, piloting, design development, specification, purchasing, installation, and all the crucial details in between.

We SUPPORT our clients long after project completion. Our team is here for all your future services and needs, no matter the size.

Returning to School

Returning to School

Even before the pandemic, education was undergoing a transformation that will go on long after the virus threat subsides. The experiences students, educators and administrators have had during the pandemic have accelerated and amplified trends in education that were already in motion. The following resources can help you navigate how to return to school.

Our Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners

Our partners all represent best in-class design, quality, and reliability and can offer you unique strengths, offerings, and price-points for your project.

Arcadia Community Falcon / Thonet
Integra Jonti-Craft KI
Watson OFS Brands MediaTechnologies
WB Manufacturing Lakeshore Learning Palmer Hamilton
SPEC Source


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