Hybrid work may be challenging initially,
but there has never been a better opportunity for organizations to reset their culture.

The future of the workplace is hybrid and so is the future of collaboration. Sixty-eight percent of global organizations are planning to experiment with hybrid work, allowing employees to work partly in the office and partly at home. Even companies who will primarily be in the office will encounter hybrid work – some partners, suppliers, and customers will expect to connect virtually – and that means people will be collaborating with a blend of remote and co-located teammates more than ever before.

Pilot. Participate. Pivot.

As people begin to test out how to collaborate in new ways, technology and the workplace will continue to evolve. It’s a great time to test new types of experiences by setting up a pilot that braids together the physical and the digital. Invite employees to participate in any pilot. Participation and open channels for feedback will send a message that nothing is set in stone. And, be prepared to pivot. As people experience the hybrid workplace, they’ll adjust how they are working and their environment. Processes and protocols will need to adapt as well. A flexible workplace designed to evolve and adapt as people’s needs change will help poise organizations to compete and grow in the future.

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