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About The Sheridan Story

The Sheridan Story’s Mission

More than 200,000 children in Minnesota live with food insecurity. Without reliable access to food – such as meal programs at school – the risk of hunger is very real. These kids don’t have access to the nutrition they need to learn and grow. The Sheridan Story focuses on the weekend food gap, when children aren’t able to receive free and reduced meal programs at school. The Sheridan Story provides food to children where they are – at school. Their broad network provides 4-5 pounds of substantive, nutritious food directly to the children at the end of each school week. Meal bags are place discretely in their lockers while in class to uphold their dignity.

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Our Volunteer Experience

Our team of 18 arrived at The Sheridan Story’s facility in Roseville ready to work! We had a presentation about The Sheridan’s Story’s history and mission, leaving some of us with misty eyes. It was quite eye opening to learn more about the widespread food insecurity in our own communities. The Sheridan Story is all about distribution; they have identified that food shortage isn’t the problem, distribution is.


Our job for the day was sorting all of the wonderful donations from the community into categories for later assembly. Each meal bag contains a base (rice, pasta, grains), a canned vegetable, a canned fruit, a protein and a soup or entree. They even have tailored cultural diet meal bags for Hispanic, Latino/a, and East African/Somali families and an easy-to-prep option for highly mobile families.

The Sheridan Story sources food, funded by community organizations and other sponsors, from reputable food banks, wholesalers and manufactures from the best vendors uses. They also welcome food from community food drives, often tailored to their most-needed items like fruits and vegetables. This is the food we sorted through and they had strict criteria we had to watch for (expiration dates, peanut content, etc.).

We had a wonderful experience at Sheridan Story and plan to continue our support of their mission!



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