Understand the current experience and future desires.

Now is the ideal time to evaluate the future of work and the purpose of the workplace. In a time of uncertainty, organizations are being asked to make choices about where and how people will work. The pressure to get it right has never been greater.

Understanding the current work experience and employee expectations for a safe return to the workplace can inform decision making. The Steelcase Returning to the Workplace (RTW) Surveys offer a view into the present, what’s valued, and needs for the future work experience.

This free service offers options, with foundational questions on every survey as well as customization options that address unique areas of interest. The question sets include aspects of working from home, return to the workplace expectations, work effectiveness, wellbeing, and time lost. Below is an example of a question and a mix of responses.

The surveys only take about 5 minutes to complete and the results will help inform critical organizational decisions. As we mentioned, this is a free service that will provide greater insight into a successful transition back to the workplace, employee expectations, resources that can be prioritized or repurposed, and much more.

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