The pandemic hasn’t ruined the need for shared spaces where employees can come together. In fact, access to these spaces will become the biggest reason physical offices will continue to exist in the future. Many people currently working from home say the main reason they want to return to the office is to be with other people and collaborate in ways that just aren’t possible from a distance. In addition, shared spaces are a prime spot for employees to socialize (and we are all in need of some more of that these days!). It is important for employers to start planning for these areas so they are comfortable, safe, and functional when users return.

A tight schedule to revamp or create an ancillary space shouldn’t require having to sacrifice your desired aesthetic or to break the bank. Our team has a large portfolio of highly affordable ancillary options that are available for quick-ship or currently in-stock. Our well-known partner brands such as Blu Dot, West Elm Contract, Etc., and OFS offer many ancillary products that will add character to your space while maintaining safety and affordability.

“Going forward the workplace has to be safe without losing what makes it a compelling destination where people want to work. It needs to benefit both the employee and the employer by being a place that shapes the culture and community of the organization, allowing people to build trust, be more agile and remain competitive regardless of what disruption comes next.” – Steelcase Shared Spaces

Our team is fully prepared to create a space for your employees that will inspire them and spark conversations. It’s time to get ahead of the game and plan for the space your employees are most looking forward to returning to. Reach out to our team to share your needs and wants for your shared office spaces. Whether you want to chat about what we can do or jump right into planning, we’re ready to help.

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