Data-driven tools that can help make the post-COVID workplace safer.

As we consider how to return people to the workplace safely, it is worth looking into how smart devices can help us avoid unnecessary contact. Luckily, technology already exists to create a more hands-free workplace. Tools like Steelcase’s RoomWizard and Workplace Advisor have features that promote contactless interaction as well as provide a library of data that can help businesses navigate what’s next.

Examples of how smart technology can help us avoid unnecessary contact include:

TOUCHLESS RESERVATIONS – Workplace Advisor sensors are able to auto book and auto release reservations by tracking motion in spaces. This then triggers RoomWizard lights to turn red and display the new reservation.

VISIBLE FROM A DISTANCE – The RoomWizard reservation system has a bold interface designed to make meeting information readable from a distance. Red and green indicator lights make it easy to spot if a space is in use or available.

BOOK SPACE WITH YOUR PHONE – The Steelcase Find app works with Workplace Advisor Subscription, RoomWizard and other digital signage solutions to let people easily browse, find and book available spaces on their phone.

VISIBLE CUES ABOUT DENSITY – Steelcase Live Map displays scheduling data and occupancy data together to show real-time availability of rooms.

VOICE-ACTIVATED COLLABORATION – Large-scale collaboration devices like the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 improve the experience of working together even when you’re apart. The feature, hands-free genius, allows you to activate Surface devices with your voice and eliminate the need for touch.

Smart technology can help ensure that your employees feel safe while they are in the office.

Beyond the hands-free technology available, Steelcase’s Workplace Advisor and RoomWizard will also give you access to data analytics regarding density which helps you answer questions like, “What needs cleaning and disinfecting more often?”, “When is peak occupancy?”, “Should I ask people to work in shifts?”, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about the technology or discussing how it can benefit you and your employees, let’s schedule some time to chat.


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