What is Ancillary?

  WHAT IS ANCILLARY? Written by: Chelsey Finnegan | Brand & Marketing Specialist When I started working at General Office Products back in 2019, I had ZERO experience in the contract interiors industry. I came from the advertising world and my only sense of “design” was how to make my excel sheets look fancy. As…

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Two Decades. Same Industry. Big Changes.

TWO DECADES. SAME INDUSTRY. BIG CHANGES. Written by: Ben Crawford | Vice President of Sales Next month, I will celebrate my 20-year mark in the contract interiors industry. In many ways, it feels like yesterday when I started my career at a furniture dealership in Milwaukee. But when you stop and look at how much…

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A Few Key Learnings from 2020

A Few Key Learnings From 2020 Written by: Chelsey Finnegan | Brand & Marketing Specialist Many of us can think back to the exact moment in 2020 when we realized that things were about to become a whole lot different. The moment when you were told you had to work from home… the moment that…

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Bringing Your Work Outside

BRINGING YOUR WORK OUTSIDE Written by: Chelsey Finnegan | Brand & Marketing Specialist Although the outdoors is nothing new to us, it seems that people have been turning to nature more than ever this last year to escape reality and enjoy the fresh air and healing powers of being outside. Many employees began taking their…

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Learning Environment Evaluation

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT EVALUATION Our primary goal is to assist our clients in developing teaching and learning spaces supporting strategies that drive student success. Steelcase has created an assessment tool, the Learning Environment Evaluation, that includes a pre-and-post installation survey and summary report. The assessment is done in a three-step process: Before you receive your classroom,…

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Quick-Ship & In-Stock Ancillary Options

QUICK-SHIP & IN-STOCK ANCILLARY OPTIONS The pandemic hasn’t ruined the need for shared spaces where employees can come together. In fact, access to these spaces will become the biggest reason physical offices will continue to exist in the future. Many people currently working from home say the main reason they want to return to the…

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Photo of a home learning space with three node chairs.

Learning From Home Products

QUICK-SHIP LEARNING FROM HOME PRODUCTS   Just as working from home has its own challenges, so can learning from home. Without a comfortable space or productive learning environment, it can be tough to stay focused and motivated throughout the day. To try to help you and our customers, we created multiple renderings using learning from…

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Returning to the Workplace Surveys

RETURNING TO THE WORKPLACE SURVEYS Understand the current experience and future desires. Now is the ideal time to evaluate the future of work and the purpose of the workplace. In a time of uncertainty, organizations are being asked to make choices about where and how people will work. The pressure to get it right has…

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Avivo Supply Drive

AVIVO SUPPLY DRIVE Due to COVID, our opportunities to work with local charities and non-profits have been a little different. Rather than having a hands-on approach and visiting the locations as a group, we had to think about how to help from a distance. GOP recently found an opportunity to give back to the community…

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